This smoker will be used primarily for tailgating at Nebraska Cornhusker football games so we will be detailing the smoker with Blackshirts logos, Husker quotes, etc. Our goal is to make the smoker as professional looking as possible, and have it ready for the 2010 season.

This is the first picture taken of the smoker. We started with two old steel barrels. These barrels are the foundation of our ultimate goal: Nebraska Blackshirts Smoker.

Team Work: Drawing the lines so we knew where to cut the barrel. Wasn't exact science, but it worked out well.

Next, we cut into the top barrel (what will ultimately be the top of the smoker). The cut we made will open up the smoker to view the grill. These barrels weren’t completely clean, and  if you look closely you will see there is still some oil inside. We will be burning out all of the oil in the smokers as well as burning out all the paint on the inside and outside of the smoker. This will ensure a clean burn and will make it safe to cook with so we don’t have to worry about any toxins getting into our food.

Made the cut in the top of the smoker

The piece of steel to the right will be used to open and close the smoker grill.

At the end of first day we had accomplished cutting a hole for the grill lid and cutting up the bottom steel barrel so that the top of the barrel could fit into it securely. You can now start to see what we are trying to accomplish. The smoker will take on a “T” shape. In the near future we will be burning off all of the paint and oil and we will then be welding the pieces together and cutting the remaining holes.

This is an early model of what the smoker will eventually look like. It's not very pretty right now, but we will work out the details as we go.

We have welded on hinges to both of the barrels.

Drilled holes in the top barrel so that the heat/smoke from the fire box (bottom barrel) can reach the grill area.

Up close look at the hinges on the firebox door.

Here is a side angle view of the smoker. You can see the hinges are on, and the angle iron is holding the doors together really well.

Beginning Stages of grinding the epoxy paint off of the bottom barrel. The bottom barrel was the only barrel with the epoxy paint.

All of the paint is removed from the top barrel. You can see the holes we drilled that will allow smoke to come through.

We welded some latches on the smoker so that the doors seal up really tight.

This is a first look at the barrels welded together. We still need to smooth some things out, and clean a few things here and there, but it is coming together really well.

Spring Game 2010 - Smoker isn't quite finished, but we brought it to the tailgate to show off for the first time.

Smoker needs a paint job

Painted the smoker flat black

This is the final product